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Flying Club Top 10 Tips

Have you and your Flying Club thought about ways to maximize your coverage and minimize your premiums? We have!

Have you and your Flying Club thought about the best ways to maximize your coverage and minimize your premiums? AssuredPartners Aerospace has! As AOPA’s partner for aviation insurance we continually look for ways to get customers the best coverage at the right price to meet their needs and budget.

Here’s our tips to maximize your coverage and minimize your premiums:

  1. Pilot to Aircraft Ratio - Set a maximum of 10 members per aircraft.
  2. Age of Pilots - Member pilots under the age of 70 will receive more favorable rates.
  3. Safety Seminars - Outline in detail your specific safety seminars/mandatory training/proficiency requirements.
  4. Claim Free - Remain claims-free..a culture of safety will go a long way toward this goal.
  5. Pilot Roster - It is OK to have non-flying members in your club. However, they can negatively affect you underwriting if they are included on your pilot roster.
  6. Equity Club - Equity clubs typically receive better premiums than non-equity clubs because underwriters believe with members owning a share of the aircraft, better care and caution ensue.
  7. Safety/Security - Detail the specific steps the club takes to ensure safe operations/control access to keys/track squawks.
  8. Club By-Laws - Produce/maintain club by-laws that outline club expectations for members.
  9. Lower Cost Aircraft - Aircraft hull value significantly affects total annual premium. Lower cost aircraft will help keep your rate down.
  10. Aircraft type – Fixed tricycle gear Standard Airworthiness aircraft are less expensive to insure than complex aircraft, tailwheel aircraft, or Experimental aircraft.

Need more? Be sure to visit ap-aerospace.com/flyclub and also download AOPA’s How to Start a Flying Club guide. AssuredPartners Aerospace can help get your club off the ground with exclusive rates for clubs. Click ap-aerospace.com/flyclub or call us today at 800.622.2672. We look forward to serving your insurance needs now and in the future.

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