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  • Daniel Barbee
    Daniel Barbee I would contact Dr Bruce Chien at or on the AOPA Medical Matters forum and get his opinion. He's about the best there is and will give you a free honest consultation. If he can help you, his rates are VERY reasonable.
    May 17, 2017
  • Rod  Fraser
    Rod Fraser Buddy, I get it. It's crushing however don't be too hasty to give up on your dream. Clearly your able to fly and your committed to the goal. Life's full of adversity pal. My advice is find a way through... fight for it. Contacting AOPA is a...  more
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  • Alexander Schott
    Alexander Schott thank you all, means a lot
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  • Rod  Fraser
    Rod Fraser Welcome buddy. Hope is a better week for ya this week.
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