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  • Colin Isom
    Colin Isom Thanks Rough Surface. Most helpful.
    November 1, 2015
  • Rough Surface Herb
    Rough Surface Herb It depends on who has the authority, not sure but it really doesn't matter if you are on flight following ATC will give you the freq's.  If you want to talk to GRB approach then add the VOR or the airport to your routing.  That will make it a "for sure" 
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  • John Langhoff
    John Langhoff Colin,  I am assuming that you are flying out of
    Shawano and going direct to Wautoma without stops at the airports in
    between.  So when you take off out of
    Shawano you will be talking on CTAF 122.8, then after you leave the pattern and
    make...  more
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  • Colin Isom
    Colin Isom Absolutely John. Outstanding instructions. Thank you !
    November 2, 2015